Finalists of the “MERIROSKAHAASTE" Challenge Prize are:

  • AEGLE® consumer boards (Kotkamills Oy)
    The barrier layer of AEGLE® consumer boards is a water-based polymer dispersion which enables easy recycling since no plastic needs to separated from the wood fibre. Products can be recycled with normal paper and board waste. Easy recyclability helps the material to remain in circular economy.
  • CosmEthics (Katariina Rantanen)
    The Cosmethics App enables safe cosmetic choices easily at point of purchase by scanning the product bar code, giving a hazard or allergy profile warning, and recommendation. Users can use the free plastic alert list to avoid plastics from compositions, and thus receive plastic-free product recommendations.
  • MICRO2F – a filter for microplastic fibers (Stjepan Budimir)
    The goal of MICRO2F is to develop and build a filter for microplastic fibers for washing machines to prevent fibers leaching to the environment.
  • NCC SnowClean (NCC Infrastructure)
    NCC SnowClean is a method that removes harmful components, such as litter, heavy metals and oil, from the ploughed snow. It also helps to reduce the emissions of the traffic as cleaning up the streets and transporting the ploughed snow gets more effective.
  • PAPTIC® – The Good Conscience Alternative (Paptic Oy)
    PAPTIC® material is made of sustainable wood fibre. It is a biobased, recyclable and renewable packaging material that offers a combination of paper´s and plastic´s qualities. The material is suitable for uses where plastic films have been the only alternative.
  • Plassessment (WSP/Team Plassessment)
    Plassessment is a service that cities can use to find out where plastic waste is actually accumulated in the city and how it ends up in the sea. The assessment will help to the cities to choose the most efficient way to tackle the marine litter problem.
  • Plastic Bugs (VTT, Team PlastBug)
    PlastBug is a concept to remove marine plastic waste from Baltic See to provide health and safe ecosystem. We will develop self-sufficient mobile units based on plastic eating microbes. The units will convert oil based plastic waste to valuable products (e.g. fuel, bioplastic precursors or animal feed).
  • A concept to raise the citizens’ awareness (Keep the Archipelago Tidy association)
    The concept aims to change the attitudes and habits of citizens and event participants with a fun and informative way and to help to decrease littering especially in the urban areas. The realization of the concept includes marking the rainwater covers, ash trays and trash bins with a visible and informative theme which challenges the passersby to evaluate their habits concerning littering.
  • A Calendar to motivate and inspire (Zero Waste Finland ry)
    A calendar with practical hints and tips for reducing the amount of waste and single-use plastic in households. A one-year-challenge to motivate and inspire change.
  • Marine Litter Ambassadors (The Finnish Nature League)
    Marine Litter Ambassadors tour schools and beaches with a mission to talk about marine litter and share tips on how to reduce littering. The ambassadors also inspire the public to take action and participate in beach clean-ups.
  • In addition, students of the Mäntynummi Comprehensive School were awarded with Excellence Recognition.
Published 2018-07-06 at 11:20, updated 2018-08-27 at 15:11